In-home Physiotherapy

What does in-home therapy consist of?

Like regular physiotherapy treatment, we provide assessment on initial contact and develop a treatment program based on your goals and needs. The only difference is that all the above are performed in your home environment, elderly residences, or in the hospital.

Why should I choose in-home physiotherapy?

There could be many reasons why you would prefer to have your treatment performed in your home environment. For examples: difficulty with ambulation due to an injury or after a surgery, limited mobility in general, feel more comfortable within your own environment, too busy to go to a clinic, or simply because is too cold or slippery to get out of the house for therapy. Whatever your reason may be, in-home therapy is an option for you to have treatment you need outside the clinical setting.

What conditions might need in-home therapy?


A lot of orthopedic conditions and neurological conditions could use in-home therapy.  For examples: chronic low back pain and severe arthritis, which limits your daily function. Neurological conditions like stroke, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's Disease, cerebral palsy, etc.

Post surgery is one of the most common condition for in-home therapy. It could be due to instructed post surgery precaution causing difficulty getting in and out of your house or your vehicle,  let alone walking to a clinic for treatment at the early stage of recovery. Although you might be in pain, early intervention is essential as it aims to increase your mobility and decrease pain; hence, optimizes your surgical outcomes.

In-home therapy can also help parents or caregivers who work with children with special needs. Therapists can tailor treatment activities to suit your home environment and makes it possible for the continuation of treatment throughout the week without the present of the therapists. 

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