Customized Orthotics

Why would you need custom-made orthotics?

Orthotics are designed to assit proper alignment for your foot and ankle, and since all our feet are unique orthotics off the shelf does not solve the problem you may be experiencing. Our custom orthotics are custom-made to fit your specific foot shape and condition. 

Together with a properly fitted footwear, orthotics can help to realign your foot and ankle, thus relieve strain and stress in your feet, ankle and other parts of your body e.g. plantar fasciitis, bunions, flat feet, spilt shin, knee, hip and back pain. Just by fixing the misalignment within your feet, can help correct your condition.

A thorough assessment will be conducted by our specialist, and consultation on the available options on the orthotics and footwear you may need will be provided. 

Why do you still feel pain or discomfort after wearing your customized orthotics?

Since there is a change in your whole body alignment after you start wearing your orthotics, your body will take time to get used to the adjustment. It usually takes a few days for your body to adjust to the changes. But if the pain and discomfort presist then there is a chance that your orthotics might not be fitting your needs, and that's why a thorough assessment is important.

We can contact your insurance company to find out your coverage and if direct billing is available for you.

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